Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Poetry: The Interest

The Interest

A glimpse, a spark, a moment, nothing more
A gentle breeze I’d never felt before
She brushes by, I catch just half a face
A smile, an energy; what, I cannot place

My thoughts returning then to just before
But something there imprinted on my door
Nothing more than that, she’s in my mind
No name, no background, yet my thoughts rewind

And later, though engaged in life again
I see her face replayed my mind within
Soon I look for her whenever walking
And she is seen, always engaged and talking

Not long before my eyes move from her face
To take in more, her boyish gait, her grace
Something stirring deep within my soul
A yearning, out of nowhere, needs to know

What is it there about her that I find
So presently encompassing my mind?
And so I speak of her to trusted friends
I only need her name and this might end

No one that I trust can place her name
I cannot ask around, for there is shame
So I begin to fear, no one can tell
And just as I despair, I hear “Mireille”.

A name that must mean flowers, moist with rain
Fills my ears and mouth like quiet singing
A name, unique and singular as she
And that is when I know that I must see

Soon, of course, it happens that we meet
And shaking, I extend my hand to greet
“Hi, I’m Mireille”, says she, so quickly by
“I’m Jim”, I choke. I’d never seen the eyes…

I’m fully known before them, swimming, reeling
Such deep, dark pools of unrestricted feeling
They sing of pain, ‘the curses of her mind’
Though seeing, they expect the world is blind

What passes in an instant through my heart
While not exactly fear, provokes a start
And though I force my eyes to meet her’s, braving
I’m now afraid of what my own are saying…

- JT

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