Sunday, March 20, 2005

In the news: When are we going to learn?

When are we going to learn that sexual predators, especially those who prey on children, cannot be set free? How many children have to die before we realize that, whatever we're doing, we're not succeeding in the rehabilitation process? When are we going to learn that registering sex offenders is simply not enough?

Fla. Police Recover Missing Girl's Body

Sexual criminals are more addicted than users of crack cocaine. If we can't or won't medically engineer their unrestrained urges away then we need to keep them away after the first conviction of a sexual crime involving a child.

When are we going to finally err on the side of the children instead of the criminal?

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Jerry Carter said...

First we need to get the justice system to acknowledge pedophelia for what it is... a sexual addiction. Unfortunately, the noise from the 'homsexuality is not a sexual addiction' camp is legitmizing pedophelia as 'just the way they are'. Somewhere in there, logic is breaking down and until society comes to grips with it, we won't ever learn.