Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Poetry: The Key

The Key

I had no heart
For Cupid’s dart
Stood far apart
An evil start

I had a mind
Outwardly kind
An awful sign
Of cruelty mine

I had a need
To kill a seed
Another's greed
With final speed

I had to laugh
At pain-filled gasps
Just did the math
Then freed my wrath

But heard a voice
Among the toys
Eyes with no choice
Fearing the noise

I know my age
But not my stage
I feel the rage
Turning the page

Wells up again
Wants to live in
My mind, the sin
The heartless end

I found a key
This key fits me
Turns me to we
Won't let this be

I felt the rain
It took the pain
And shut again
The door to Cain

- JT

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