Monday, July 04, 2005

Again I have to ask...WHEN WILL WE LEARN??? - U.S. & World - Remains Found in Search for Idaho Boy

People like this can NOT be set free!!! Parole is not enough. Short prison terms are not enough. Long prison terms are not enough. A sex-offender registry is not enough. There is a class of people - a race you might say - that preys upon unwilling children for sexual gratification. They can be detected. Their patterns are well understood. We know who they are...because we let them go!

We could actually enact laws to protect our children here and we sit back and do nothing.

People convicted of sex crimes in which children are physically victimized should spend life in prison, or buy their release after 25 years in the general population of a maximum security prison by authorizing the removal of their genitals. <--(that's a period)

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