Saturday, November 12, 2005

Concert Report - King's X - 11/11/2005

We took our four-year-old girl (the indubitable "C"), who is just nuts about King's X, to a concert last night! Don't worry - she had excellent earplugs!

King's X played a sold-out show at the Court Street Grill in Pomeroy, Ohio last night! This is an awesome little spot that the guys played last year. I called early in the day and asked the owner if a four year old would be welcome and he said, "absolutely". So, I bought three of the last six tickets and we got in the car for the two and a half hour drive from Columbus!

As we waited in line, dUg Pinnick showed up in front of the place and stopped to say hi when he saw her. He asked her name and I think dUg was just a little shocked to find that Chloe knew exactly who he was!

The show was terrific! The best band in the world was truly generous, playing an awesome set of mostly new material with a few old gems thrown in for those of us over 30. Chloe watched the show from the far end of the bar and dUg kept winking & smiling at her, which made her giggle like, well, a four-year-old! After the show the band hung out with the fans for a long time and Chloe, who has been asking to meet dUg, Ty and Jerry by name for a year now, finally got her wish! And a prized pair of autographed Jerry Gaskill drum sticks is tap-tap-tapping out the beat to "Alone" all over our home.

THANKS King's X !

You Truly Rock.

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