Thursday, February 16, 2006

Willie's Pooch

In the news, Willie Nelson attempts to capitalize on all the hubbub being raised around Brokeback Mountain with his new song about gay cowboys. He and his label are careful to point out at the song was written back in the 80's - "long before Brokeback Mountain". For his blatant publicity stunt, which is working it would seem, he is being given credit in many circles as releasing the "first gay cowboy song by a major recording artist".

Well, first, even if the song was written a long time ago, which I sincerely doubt, it wasn't released until after Brokeback Mountain got all the hype. Second, it was admittedly recorded last year, when Willie would have been fully aware that one of his songs was going to be included in the Brokeback Mountain sound track. And finally, Willie Nelson is NOT the first major recording artist to release a song about gay cowboys. The Reverend Horton Heat released their thoughtful tune entitled Interracial Cowboy Homo Kinda Love several years back. This was a much more ambitious song which, obviously, took on several serious social issues at the same time. Now THAT is a song about gay cowboys!


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