Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dear World...

BREITBART.COM - North Korea Mocks International Criticism: "North Korea angrily mocked international criticism of its multiple missile tests, threatening on Thursday to fire off more rockets. In the face of nearly unanimous world condemnation of the seven missile tests on Wednesday, Pyongyang's foreign minister released a blustery statement declaring that it had the right to develop and test its weapons _ and vowing unspecified retaliation against anyone who tries to stop it."

Translation into English: "Dear world, due to the havoc wreaked upon our economy by our country's blind devotion to communist socialism, which you all tired of attempting to stop in the 50's, and due to the fact that our leader is a certified nincompoop with nearly as much a grasp on reality as Froggie the Flying Turd of Oaksbury, who lives in a shoebox and shits on the road, we have decided to threaten you with our decrepid set of firecrackers until you give us enough money to buy some of the rice we can't even make ourselves anymore. So pay up or we swear we shall taunt you a second time."

- Kim Ill

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