Monday, February 14, 2005

To my one true love:

Reflections on Love and Luck
- jt

You are the winter's icy breath,
The springtime's sweetest rain,
The summer's shimmering heat,
And the Autumn's bountious beauty...

A whole year given
In a few sweet motions,
And now I see
How lucky I am.

You are a child's selfish needs,
A woman's gentle caress,
A boy's energetic orneriness,
A friend's hard, calm advice.

Everyone I've ever known given
In one personality,
And I do see
How lucky I am.

You are a daisy's brightest color,
A rose's deepest red,
A lilie's most delicate pastel,
An orchid's exotic shape.

A whole garden given
In a few un-noticed looks,
And it tells me
How lucky I am.

You are the sun's bright furnace,
The moon's clear answering glow,
The milky-way's delicate majesty,
The earth's perfect cradle below.

A whole universe given
In the few short years we've had,
And all to me...
How lucky I am.

I love you, M.
Happy Valentine's Day.

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