Tuesday, June 06, 2006

6:6:6 passeth

At 6:66am on 6/6/6, I was lying in bed thinking. My family safe & warm after a good night's sleep. To be fair, I had dreamt that I was on a canoing / camping trip where our guide was cooking bats for us that happened to look exactly like human foetuses...but I don't really think that was related.

At 6:66pm on 6/6/6, I was eating a hotdog with my wife & a friend during the turn at Blacklick Woods Golf Course. Our round was completely inconspicuous except for the fact that they had run out of regular size hotdogs and we had to eat the "large" ones, we drank one less beer than usual, and the group behind us hit into us twice during the round. It was almost as though we were, like, invisible...but I really don't that was related.

Well, 38 minutes to go and I've been waiting patiently. Maybe the armageddonists were wrong or something...

- Xan Shui, Philosophic Philanthropist, Honest Man


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